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MMB News and Press Releases

MyMedicareBot’s Field Agent Telephonic Enrollment Platform Expands its Network of National Carriers
MAY 26, 2022

MyMedicareBot is proud to announce the carrier network expansion of its Telephonic Enrollment solution for field agents. Effective immediately, licensed Medicare agents can enroll beneficiaries telephonically… 

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The Federal Government Will Start Requiring All Medicare Agents to Record Every Call
MAY 18, 2022

This new rule has caught the industry by storm. No one believed that CMS would implement this rule, but it is now the law of the land. All agents in the Medicare space must record EVERY client interaction. This rule will be in effect for AEP…

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BREAKING NEWS: NAHU Gets Clarification from CMS About Medicare Final Rule
MAY 13, 2022

We have received many questions recently regarding the Medicare final rule that requires agents to record telephonic conversations with beneficiaries beginning October 1. Today, NAHU spoke with CMS officials from the Division of Surveillance, Compliance & Marketing to gain further insight…

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MyMedicareBot Launches Field Agent Portal for Covid AEP
JUNE 30, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MyMedicareBot announces the availability of its Field Agent Portal, which equips field agents to safely and compliantly sell Medicare plans for the upcoming AEP…

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MyMedicareBot Launches First Omni-Channel Medicare Sales Platform
MARCH 10, 2020

MMB announces the launch of its Omni-Channel Sales Platform, an integrated suite of tools and analytics that harness the power of personalization…

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MyMedicareBot Begins 2020 AEP Retrospective Analysis
JANUARY 22, 2020

As health plans nationwide begin to gear up for the 2021 Annual Election Period (AEP) in October, MyMedicareBot (MMB) begins its 2020 AEP Retrospective Analysis…

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2019 Product Launch: MyMedicareBot Selling Tools
APRIL 24, 2019

MyMedicareBot LLC today launched its MMB Medicare Sales Platform, an omni channel plan shopping and enrollment solution…

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