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Our Field Agent Portal, Medicare Omni-Channel Sales Platform, Portfolio Analytics, and Member Retention and Conversion Program

Our company founders both have nearly 20 years of hands-on experience in Medicare and health plan distribution, and our equally seasoned staff have years of experience developing, implementing, and supporting Medicare health plans. Our solutions are built on a deep understanding of CMS compliance guidelines, health plan data, and Medicare health plans. We pride ourselves in applying and sharing our extensive experience and knowledge to benefit our clients.

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Field Agent Portal with Recordings

  • Enables field agents to email or text an electronic Scope of Appointment, allowing it to be sent, signed, and returned in a matter of seconds
  • Records, transcribes, and evaluates all enrollment calls for compliance and other call quality issues
  • Includes built-in training tools so that field agents can adopt the tool quickly and efficiently
  • Requires only a computer and internet to operate—no special hardware or 3rd-party software necessary
  • Is available as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated with ConnectureDRX Digital Medicare solutions or other solutions
  • Can be implemented in 3-6 weeks
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With our Field Agent Portal, field agents can…

  • Deliver an electronic Scope of Appointment via email or text
  • Personalize email or text message
  • Configure the Scope of Appointment form to meet specific carrier needs
  • Track:
    • when the form was sent out
    • who signed it
    • when they signed it
    • which plans are approved and which aren’t

The portal also features...

  • Softphone functionality
  • Ability to handle both inbound and outbound calls
  • No special hardware required—just a computer with a microphone

The portal also...

  • Automatically records, transcribes, and evaluates every call
  • Loads call information in real time (1-2 minutes)
  • Organize transcript data by caller and agent for greater clarity
  • Provides sentiment analysis to give insight into customer satisfaction and disenrollment issues

Business Intelligence - Portfolio Analytics & Consulting

Our Portfolio Analytics helps your health plan identify your best markets and prospects based upon historic CMS data, competitive market intelligence, and actual health plan enrollment data. We provide customized data analysis and consulting to ensure that you are optimizing your membership retention and sales campaigns. We load and analyze historic membership and claims data and apply CMS data, competitive market intelligence data, and then we apply the outcome to ensure you can achieve your membership retention, membership growth, and quality score goals. In just a few clicks, our interactive real-time data reports will give insight to help target marketing and lead spend on counties where you are more likely to win.

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Portfolio Analytics Benefits

  • Our Portfolio Analytics is a pragmatic sales and business intelligence tool that leverages actual membership and claims data to drive sales and retention campaigns
  • Your health plan’s marketing and data science teams can use this tool to augment your market segmentation analysis. We provide the heavy lifting by analyzing millions of records to help identify the best markets to focus your marketing and lead resources

Portfolio Analytics Features

  • Fully customized analysis is based on your proprietary membership and claims data, because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to your retention and growth strategy
  • Fully hosted solution utilizes powerful business intelligence framework in a secure HIPAA compliant platform
  • Integrated with CMS historic and your health plan’s proprietary plan data to enable meaningful and actionable insights into your product distribution

Omni-Channel Sales Platform

Our Omni-Channel Sales Platform is available as either a fully hosted or an API-only solution, providing powerful and easy-to-use shopping and enrollment tools that optimize sales conversions and consumer self-service across the two primary distribution channels: consumer direct and telesales. With our platform, information is shared across channels in realtime to provide a seamless experience for shoppers and the agents assisting them. There’s no wrong door when users shop—each step in the process is continuous, regardless of which channel shoppers prefer to use. For carriers, our platform provides an omni-channel view of the Medicare business and is integrated with powerful business intelligence tools and reports to ensure full visibility into shopper conversions across all sales channels.

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Omni-Channel Sales Platform Benefits

  • UX and workflow optimized for consumer direct and telesales channels to maximize your sales and retention opportunities
  • Omni-channel approach provides consistent experience across channels
  • CMS-compliant shopping and enrollment experience
  • Integrated business intelligence and reporting tools provide actionable insights to increase sales and retention
  • Rapid implementation: most clients can be live in just a few weeks

Omni-Channel Sales Platform Features

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use shopping, quoting and enrollment of PDP, MAPD, and Medigap plans
  • Drug cost calculations that match
  • Drug search with pre-selected most commonly prescribed dosage and quantity to improve quoting accuracy
  • Integrated online enrollment system supporting CMS model form and custom form designs
  • Fully integrated with your CRM, enrollment or data warehouse tools
  • Integrated with CMS BlueButton and Amazon Alexa to increase member self-service

Member Retention and Conversion Program

Our Member Retention and Conversion Program enables your health plan to implement more effective member retention and PDP-to-MAPD conversion program for your entire PDP and MAPD membership. Through the proactive delivery of personalized plan recommendations before AEP, our program optimizes your membership and quality scores.  We deliver the program through our turnkey platform or fully manage it ourselves to ensure that you can implement without impacting your current resources.  With over a third of all Medicare beneficiaries shopping for plan options each year, smart health plans know that being first to recommend plan options drives higher retention and brand loyalty and reduces call center costs.

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Member Retention and Conversion Program Benefits

  • Increases member retention at a lower operating cost by delivering personalized plan recommendations on whether a member should stay, switch, or upgrade their current plan before AEP begins
  • Increases member satisfaction and quality scores by identifying and targeting at-risk members for personalized service and sales communications
  • Drives effective PDP-to-MAPD conversion programs through personalized communication of network analysis, member cost savings, and value added services

Member Retention and Conversion Program Features

  • Leverages membership and claims data to deliver personalized plan recommendations with detailed costs information to calculate accurate savings estimations to ensure members know if they are in the right plan
  • We work with large or small teams—the program is available as a platform to enhance your current sales and marketing resources or as a fully-managed program with program management, call center, and marketing fulfillment capabilities
  • Works seamlessly with your current email or print vendors to provide a scalable communication platform for your entire membership