Medicare Sales Platform, Portfolio Analysis, Retention and Conversion Platform

Our company founders each have nearly 20 years of hands-on experience in Medicare and Health Plan distribution. Our equally seasoned staff have years of experience developing, implementing and supporting Medicare Health Plans and brokers. Our solutions are built on a deep understanding of CMS compliance guidelines, Health Plan data and Medicare Health Plans. We pride ourselves in applying and sharing our extensive experience and knowledge to benefit our clients. Some even say we are fun to work with!

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Medicare Sales Platform

Medicare Health Plans use MMB to power their three primary distribution channels: TeleSales, Broker and Consumer Direct. Available as a fully hosted or API-only solution, the MMB Medicare Sales Platform provides powerful and easy-to-use shopping and enrollment tools that optimize sales conversions and consumer self-service.

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Sales Platform Benefits

  • UX and workflow optimized for TeleSales, Broker and Consumer Direct channels to maximize your sales opportunities
  • Omni Channel approach provides consistent experience across channels
  • CMS-compliant shopping and enrollment experience
  • Rapid implementation: most clients can be live in just a few weeks

Sales Platform Features

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use shopping, quoting and enrollment of PDP, MAPD and Medigap plans
  • Drug cost calculations that match
  • Drug search with pre-selected most commonly prescribed dosage and quantity to improve quoting accuracy
  • Integrated Online Enrollment system supporting CMS model form and custom form designs
  • Fully integrated with your CRM, enrollment or data warehouse tools
  • Integrated with CMS BlueButton and Amazon Alexa to increase member self-service

Portfolio Analysis

Medicare Marketing and Sales Organizations use MMB Portfolio Analysis to identify their best markets and prospects based upon historic CMS data, Competitive Market Intelligence and actual health plan enrollment data. In just a few clicks, our interactive real-time data reports will give insight to help target marketing and lead spend on counties where you are more likely to win.

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Portfolio Analysis Benefits

  • Identify your best markets so you can focus your marketing and lead spend on your best counties and prospects
  • Fully hosted online business intelligence solution eliminates the need for data analysts to extract, consume, and build complex queries
  • Robust data visualization provides timely access to actionable insights for all members of your sales distribution team

Portfolio Analysis Features

  • Fully hosted solution utilizing powerful Business Intelligence (BI) framework
  • Integrated with CMS historic and health plans’ proprietary plan data to enable meaningful and actionable insights into your product distribution
  • Fully secure with enterprise access control so your data is safe

Medicare Retention and Conversion Platform

Health Plans use MMB to design and implement more effective member retention and PDP-to-MAPD upgrade campaigns. Proactively deliver personalized plan recommendations before AEP begins so current members shop your new plans versus competitors’ plans. With over 30% of all Medicare beneficiaries shopping for plan options each year, smart Health Plans know that being first to recommend plan options drives higher retention and brand loyalty. Recommendations can be sent as part of the Annual Notice of Changes or ANOC process or as a post ANOC campaign.

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Retention and Conversion Platform Benefits

  • Increase member retention at a lower operating cost by delivering personalized plan recommendations on whether a member should “Stay”, “Switch” or Upgrade their current plan
  • Increase member satisfaction by delivering an easy to understand enhanced ANOC letter that helps members understand which plan option is best for them before AEP enrollment begins
  • Proactively out reach to members who will benefit by upgrading from a PDP to an MAPD plan to lower their cost and access valuable benefits

Retention and Conversion Platform Features

  • Uses member claims data to deliver personalized plan recommendations with detailed costs information so members know what to do before AEP enrollment begins
  • Uses plan and RX cost analysis to provide detailed cost comparison between a member’s current plan and new plan year options
  • Robust Plan Comparison engine can provide personalized plan recommendation communications for millions of members at a time
  • Works seamlessly with your current email or print vendors to provide a scalable communication platform for your entire membership