Field Agent Platform with Telephonic Recording and Call Analytics

The first field agent solution with CMS-compliant, carrier approved, multi-carrier telephonic enrollment. Our call recording and analytics solution fully meets the new CMS Final Rules requirements.

Key Benefits to field agents:

Multi-carrier quoting and enrollment platform for field agents

Fully integrated telephonic enrollment with CMS compliant scripting, call recording, and analytics reporting

Integrated delivery of direct mail, web, and call transfer leads to field agents to support sales, retention, and upgrade campaigns

Built with CMS compliance in mind with automated agent onboarding, RTS designation, eSOA, and robust backend auditing tools

Telephonic Recording

Our solution features…

  • Softphone functionality
  • Ability to handle both inbound and outbound calls
  • No special hardware required—just a computer with a microphone

Call Compliance Monitoring

Our solution…

  • Automatically records, transcribes, and evaluates every call for sentiment and CMS script adherence
  • Call analytics enables review of ALL calls to identify priority calls for follow-up review
  • Provides sentiment analysis to give insight into customer satisfaction and disenrollment issues
  • Organize transcript data by caller and agent for greater clarity and issue identification

Electronic Scope of Appointment

With our solution, field agents can…

  • Deliver an electronic Scope of Appointment via email or text, or upload an existing SOA
  • Personalize email or text message
  • Configure the Scope of Appointment form to meet specific carrier needs
  • Real-time tracking of:
    • When the form was sent out
    • Who signed it
    • When they signed it
    • Which products are approved and which aren’t

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