Membership Retention and Upgrade

Let your members know which Medicare plan provides the best coverage and cost before AEP begins so they focus on shopping your plans versus competitors'

Powered by AI and data science, our tools can improve your member retention and growth by over 30%.

We use AI and data science to analyze a Health Plans' entire membership to create and deliver personalized plan recommendations for each member for the new plan year. Healthplans use the platform to outreach to their members before they shop with another plan or broker during AEP. Members no longer have to wonder if they are in the best plan with their current carrier, thereby improving member experience and satisfaction with the carrier.

Key Benefits

  • Provide personalized Plan Recommendations to you entire Membership so they shop your plans instead of competitors.
  • Identify and out reach to members who should switch or upgrade their plan based on latest claims history to help lower their cost and to access valuable benefits.
  • Save money by reducing inbound calls from current members asking if they are still in the best plan with you.

How it Works:

Understand your Competitive Position

  • Know your “Best Markets” and “Best Customers” before enrollment begins, so you can better target your marketing and lead generation spend
  • Know which counties your products are most likely to convert based on competitive market intelligence, so you can focus on growth
  • Know which counties your products are least likely to convert based on competitive market intelligence, so you can focus on retention or upgrade

Segment and Understand current member needs

  • Stay: No plan change needed. Member already in their cost optimal plan
  • Switch: New lower cost plan available for members affected by plan design changes or newly prescribed high cost medication
  • Upgrade: New MAPD or Medigap plan for members with comparable or lower drug costs wanting enhanced benefits

Increase Conversion and Retention with Tailored Messaging and Outreach

  • Target Marketing spend on your “Best Markets” to generate leads where your products are strong
  • Send personalized direct mail/email and make outbound calls to the “Switch” and “Upgrade” segments informing them that a better plan is available to retain or upgrade current members
  • Send personalized direct mail/email to the “Stay” segment to let them know no action is needed

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